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Chapter 379 Another Meeting With The Tycoon

  • “Shall we find out his current whereabouts or inform him of our arrival first? I mean, we're not supposed to show up unannounced after such a horrifying incident, right?”
  • Sasha had no idea about the things going on in the young man's mind as she was busy sorting out their plan for the day.
  • Immediately after Lance heard her question, he returned to his senses and looked at the meal he had bought her. Then, he suggested, “Why don't you have your meal first?”
  • “O-Oh, okay.” Sasha finally recalled that she had not eaten anything since the incident yesterday.
  • After grabbing her breakfast, she made her way to the coffee table and took a seat next to him.
  • The breakfast he had bought was rather plain since the locals had gotten used to skipping breakfast. To be precise, they spent most of their time in the morning sleeping after having a wild night out.
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