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Chapter 376 An Astorian

  • One of them approached her and exclaimed, “It's such a rare occasion to have an Astorian with us today!”
  • “Actually, she seems quite young! Andy is quite a big shot on Wall Street, isn't he? Why did he send a pretty young thing on his behalf? Has he a new kink or something?”
  • The next moment, they felt someone behind the woman glaring at them.
  • All of a sudden, they felt a chill running down their spines and went dead silent instantly.
  • “Come over and join us, Ms. Nancy! Luna over here is trying to seal a deal with me as well! We'll just see if you're a match for her! If you're able to outmatch her, I'll seal the deal with you!”
  • “What exactly are we supposed to do?”
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