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Chapter 368 Nowhere To Run This Time

  • Lance could not take it anymore as he dragged Sasha out of the room and asked, “Sha, you'll make him leave today, right?”
  • Sasha had the same idea in mind.
  • “Of course. I'll take him to the office once he wakes up. He'll leave as soon as he gets his money.”
  • “Alright, then I'll send Vivian to preschool and buy some food on my way back. We'll wait for you to have dinner together,” Lance said. He then picked up Vivian and left.
  • It didn't take long before Sasha and Solomon left for the office as well.
  • Solomon yearned to stay in the house a little longer. In fact, he wanted to stay for good. Yet, Sasha was very cold toward him. Hence, he had no chance to even strike a negotiation with her.
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