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Chapter 348 An Entirely Different Person

  • Sasha was brought to the dog pound again.
  • “Tie her up with extra chains this time!”
  • Upon arriving at the place, the man who was full of hostility dragged her out of the car. Immediately after that, he ordered the person who was watching the dogs to get some metal chains to lock her up.
  • An overwhelming sense of panic washed over Sasha as she started to struggle. “What are you doing, Sebastian? I'm not a dog! Why are you trying to lock me up?”
  • “You're right. You're not a dog. But you're going to be the dogs' food. I'm giving you one last warning, Sasha. If you continue to make a fuss, you won't be the only one who's going to end up as dog food.”
  • Sebastian gripped tightly on her wrist as he looked down at her. His face was dark he looked as though he was about to skin her alive soon.
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