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Chapter 317 A Huge Reaction

  • “What do you mean you don't know? What were you holding in your hands? Why are you stealing his kale soup? What are your intentions?” Roderick asked with a menacing look in his eyes.
  • Sasha stared back at him, her face as white as a sheet.
  • I know that look... He's afraid and panicking! This proves that Matteo was right about him!
  • “I'm not stealing anything, Uncle Roderick! Matteo said you guys make amazing desserts, so he wanted me to try some of it. That's why he brought me some. I can give it back to you if you want...” Sasha said weakly as she retrieved the glass bottle that Matteo had given her earlier.
  • What? She's actually giving it back to me? Was I just overthinking things?
  • Roderick stared at the glass bottle in confusion, unsure of what she was playing at.
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