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Chapter 308 Horror

  • It had been almost two months since she left them. When she finally saw their adorable faces after a long sixty days, she wanted to rush over to hug them all in her arms.
  • However, her worst nightmare came true. Her two sons behaved like their sister.
  • She expected them to rush toward her ecstatically, just like how she felt about them. Sadly, that did not happen. Instead, the boys looked at her coldly, as if she was a fragment of their imagination. Perhaps they were disappointed in her and did not wish to get close to her anymore.
  • They don't want me anymore?
  • She felt the stinging pain in her heart again. Then she swayed briefly and stumbled toward them.
  • “Little Ian, Matt, it's Mommy! I'm back! Can you come over and let me hug you? I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have left you,” she cried.
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