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Chapter 306 Jealous Again

  • He did not know what to do. Looking at the sick son in his arms, he felt a wave of anger and bitterness grew in him.
  • That fury intensified when he saw the photo of a glowing Sasha next to a bespectacled man in a posh city.
  • How could you be so cruel, Sasha?
  • Do you only think of the Wands and the Blackwoods? What about us? What about your three flesh and blood? Don't we mean anything to you?
  • Sasha had a fruitful day. She was surprised Andy had asked her back to work after the humiliating confrontation the day before. Moreover, he also handed her a lucrative deal that enabled her to earn more than a million.
  • It was unbelievable, but she decided not to think too much about it. After all, she got the commission in hand.
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