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Chapter 303 Sticking To Her Like A Leech

  • “I'll remember what you did today!” he growled.
  • Sasha was tidying her documents in the room, so Lance was the only one standing at the doorway watching Andy.
  • When he heard the threat, he casually retorted, “You are right. I will remember what you did today as well!”
  • “What did you say?”
  • “I said, I will remember you as well. Count yourself lucky that bullet isn't in your brain. If this happened in the past, doing what you did after taking a billion from me, you would be riddled with holes like a shooting target board already.” Lance leaned in and whispered eerily into Andy's ear. Following that, he removed his thick glasses to reveal a pair of sinister-looking eyes.
  • Andy's eyes widened in shock!
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