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Chapter 293 Spending A Billion To Play The Game With Her

  • Sasha never thought that the Wall Street titan would make such harsh demands as a test.
  • He actually wants me to go after Hayes Corporation? He must be nuts!
  • Hayes Corporation's foundation was strong, and its share price was steady. There was no way a person could make it budge. Moreover, even if she ignored all that... That man and I are not on good terms now. He might actually kill me if I rock the share price.
  • Sasha was so angry that her knuckles were turning pale.
  • Solomon caught that, so he quickly eased the tension for Sasha. He commented, “Mr. Rind, isn't that a little too harsh? Hayes Corporation isn't just a small, random company. It's a multinational corporation!”
  • “And that is exactly why I am asking her to go after the corporation. Ms. Nancy, do you know what my first major achievement in the finance industry is?”
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