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Chapter 29 This Is Not The Way To Treat A Woman

  • Ian had shown up in the nick of time!
  • No one expected the boy to show up right before the fight morphed into a full-blown brawl.
  • Sasha's rage dissipated as soon as she saw her beloved son. “Ian? What are you doing here? Did we disturb your sleep?”
  • “What do you think?” Ian responded impatiently with a rhetorical question. He couldn't stand others interrupting his sleep.
  • Sasha was no longer in the mood to fight. She sprinted over to her son's side and coaxed, “I'm so sorry for interrupting you in the middle of the night, Ian. I promise you I won't fight with your father anymore, okay? Why didn't you put on an extra jacket? You should return to your room because it's getting late. Hurry up and get going already! Otherwise, you're going to catch a cold soon!”
  • She nagged like a doting mother, yet Ian had no intention to engage in a conversation with her.
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