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Chapter 249 Who Will You Marry

  • She didn't know he would be so harsh on Xandra. Is he out of his mind? This is his beloved woman!
  • Sasha stood up with difficulty. “What... what have you done? Why did you k-kick her?”
  • “Are you feeling sorry for her? Hmph! Are you a saint, Sasha? Will you be around after she kills you and Vivian? Can't you tell right from wrong? Are you really that dumb?” The man started yelling at her.
  • Consumed with anger, Sebastian blurted whatever came across his mind. How he wished his words could kill her.
  • He was furious with Sasha for being magnanimous, but he wanted to tear Xandra apart for raising her hand at Vivian.
  • His words struck Sasha like a bolt of lightning.
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