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Chapter 236 Frederick Is Here to Visit

  • “What did you just say? Sebastian destroyed the Emmanuel family?”
  • “Didn't he tell you that? What happened to you was caused by that family. They bribed some reporters and found someone to set you up. Mr. Hayes got infuriated when he found out about this. Not only did he reclaimed all the Emmanuels' properties, but he also handed in all the evidence he had to the authorities. In the end, the police apprehended the leaders of the family. Even... Even Ms. Matilda was no exception.
  • Clang!
  • The spoon in Sasha's hand dropped right into the bowl. She was gobsmacked as she looked at the housemaid in disbelief.
  • It was really the Emmanuels who did that? But why did they do it? What benefits would that get them? I know they have a grudge to settle with me, and it's serious enough for them to want me dead. But what does this have to do with Sebastian? What would they get if Sebastian goes down?
  • Truth be told, the Emmanuel family had been supported by the Hayes family from the very beginning. If something were to happen to Sebastian, the giant Hayes Corporation would be in a situation where it would have no suitable candidates to inherit his position. After all, Frederick was getting too old, and the children were still too young. All the shareholders would definitely be vying for that position of power.
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