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Chapter 220 Who Are You To Him

  • Despite being yelled at, Brandon was delighted when Sasha finally talked to him.
  • “What did you say?” Sasha thought she was hearing things. “Me? Your girlfriend? Is something wrong with you?”
  • Brandon craned over and asked seriously, “I think I'm perfectly fine, but just to be sure, why don't you check on me?”
  • Sasha gritted his teeth and scoffed. “I think something's definitely wrong with your brain! Have you forgotten who I am?”
  • “You're Sebastian's ex-spouse, aren't you? It's fine! I don't really care! After all, few of us are aware of your identity!”
  • Brandon continued righteously, “Only close family friends and relatives were present back when both of you were married. Literally, no outsider knows of your identity. Otherwise, why would others consider Xandra to be Mrs. Hayes, the spouse of Hayes Corporation's president?”
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