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Chapter 217 Aftermath

  • “Daddy, are you having a fight with Mommy again? Why is she trying to run away from home?”
  • Sasha's eyes widened in disbelief.
  • What does he mean by I'm trying to run away from home? I'm merely going back home, okay? Can Ian phrase his sentences properly and be mindful of his choice of words?
  • As soon as the startled Sasha took over the little boy's smartwatch, she heard Sebastian's low and hoarse voice. “What do you mean she's running away from home? Where is she going?”
  • “I don't know, Daddy!” Ian replied petulantly.
  • Sasha wanted to explain she would be making a trip back to her leased apartment instead of running away from home, but seconds after she lost herself in a train of thoughts, she heard the man's voice from the other end of the conversation again.
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