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Chapter 212 Is He The One

  • Sebastian's annoyance caused Philip and his wife to fall to their knees.
  • “Sebastian! Please give us another chance! We will never repeat such a silly mistake! Don't worry! I'll beat that brat up once we're home! Can you please have mercy on us?”
  • The duo groveled at his feet as they begged for his forgiveness.
  • Sebastian paid no heed to them and marched out of the hall with his slender pair of legs. His mind was on Sasha and his children.
  • He couldn't be bothered by the Emmanuel family. Over the years, they had been leveraging their relationship with the Hayes and caused him all sorts of trouble, including his Aunt Matilda. Regardless, he had turned a blind eye.
  • This time, since they had the guts to pick on him, he decided to get rid of them once and for all.
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