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Chapter 191 Another Unexpected Twist

  • Sasha picked up her phone to make a call to the hospital.
  • “Hello? Dr. Jones, this is Nancy. I'd like to ask, has there been a change in my case?”
  • “Oh, Nancy! Yes, yes, it's been proven that the whole thing has nothing to do with you. After carrying out an autopsy, the police found out that the patient's cause of death was poison. So, it wasn't your fault,” the internal medicine director, overjoyed at receiving Sasha's call, explained to her excitedly.
  • Sasha's hands trembled as she spoke. “A-are you telling the truth?”
  • “Of course I am! This was all in the official report from the police. Besides, we invited a few TCM consultants to give their opinions on your acupuncture needle placement, and they are of the opinion that you did not make any professional mistake!” stressed Dr. Jones.
  • No one in the internal medicine department had wanted to believe that Dr. Nancy had slipped up. After all, she was an internationally acclaimed doctor, and everyone had witnessed what she had accomplished and what she was capable of.
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