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Chapter 1665 Meeting Again

  • “They are the overseas merchants I told you about. There are a dozen of them. If we manage to strike a successful deal with them, people will start buying Elysium's products,” Kurt explained to his father in a rather gentle tone.
  • In contrast, however, the king appeared to be quite indifferent.
  • In fact, upon careful observation, Vivian noticed that the king had an impatient look on his face. He even appeared to be slightly averse to the presence of the group of them.
  • “Ms. Hayes, are these two the leaders of the tribe?”
  • “Yes, the younger one is the prince of Elysium. He's also the main person in charge of this collaboration,” Vivian quickly explained to the merchant, snapping out of her daze.
  • The overseas guests had a look of realization on their faces after hearing her words and waited patiently for the instructions for the next steps from their two hosts.
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