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Chapter 1660 The Prince Arrives

  • Riley broke out in a cold sweat when she saw what was happening.
  • She stopped replying to Sabrina's texts and instead directed her attention to the bridge.
  • As expected, Vivian opened the show with a bang. The foreign models who awaited their turn to go on stage wore sour expressions on their faces.
  • They whined among themselves. “What's happening? Didn't they say this was a tourist destination too small for a proper fashion show?”
  • One of the staff from Hawen complained furiously, “Exactly! That's the only reason I asked to come here. Why did it suddenly become a professional show? Who the heck is that girl? She even knows what to do on a fashion runway.”
  • At first sight, the mysterious models on the bridge appeared to be tribe members that Vivian had haphazardly pulled out of the crowd.
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