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Chapter 1609 Unknown Secret

  • After a few minutes of complete silence, Jason and Daphne watched as Kurt retracted his sharp gaze and hugged Vivian.
  • “Don't be scared,” he consoled in a tone much gentler than before.
  • That sudden transition formed such a huge contrast that he looked like a completely different person from earlier.
  • At that sight, Daphne, the Astorian woman, trembled again before she mustered the courage and asked in a shaky voice, “H-How do you know my name? A-Are you from Elysium too?”
  • “It doesn't matter who I am. You should be more worried about your own safety, Daphne. If you want to live, I suggest you destroy that face!” Kurt snarled as he fastened his eyes on her again, striking a greater fear into her heart.
  • “No... This face belongs to him!” the woman protested when she noticed him sweeping his sharp gaze toward her son.
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