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Chapter 1589 Buzzkill

  • The next thing Dwayne felt was a hand forcefully grabbing onto his head.
  • While still in the water, he felt a throbbing pain on the top of his head. Before he could react, Kurt violently pushed him into the water while also getting into the water himself.
  • “Ah!” He started convulsing vigorously underwater.
  • As fear crept upon him, he struggled with all his might as he tried to break free by shaking off the hand on his head. While doing that, he shouted for help.
  • Little did he know, the young man wasn't a typical boy that he could bully and get away with it.
  • When Kurt was only ten, he managed to fight off a group of thugs right outside his school. There was no way Dwayne was strong enough to break free from Kurt.
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