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Chapter 1586 Panicked

  • As she expected, Kurt's cool and collected expression immediately changed upon hearing that name. His eyes squinted, and suddenly, a wave of icy aura was emitted around his body.
  • Vivian panicked and dashed toward Kurt before holding his arm again.
  • The latter lowered his gaze in response.
  • “You must believe me, Kurt! I didn't know he'd be here today! No one mentioned him when we were planning for this trip!” Vivian anxiously explained to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.
  • Kurt looked at her and unknowingly toned down his icy aura.
  • Nonetheless, Dwayne had already spotted them and walked over to them. “Hi, Vivi! You guys are here! Wait, isn't that-” Dwayne was over the moon when he saw Vivian there. However, he stopped talking and froze when he saw the young man standing right beside her.
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