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Chapter 1566 To Spend Some Time Alone

  • “Thank you for your help, Mr. Minamoto. My husband is still recovering, so he's going to need this to help him move around for the time being,” stated Sasha, slightly embarrassed that she needed the assistance.
  • However, Giichi did not mind helping at all. In fact, he was just glad to see Sebastian alive and well.
  • “I'm just happy to see that he's awake again. To tell you the truth, I've never been impressed by anybody other than Sebastian. Even after hearing about my own mother's passing, I only felt sadness. But what happened to your husband three years ago? That was a real shame...”
  • Like most Jetroinian, Giichi was straightforward when it came to expressing his feelings. He could not help but share them directly after seeing Sebastian once again.
  • Sasha was even more moved after listening to the head of the Minamoto family.
  • Ten minutes later, Sebastian and Sasha were welcomed again when she pushed the man into the house.
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