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Chapter 1551 I Am Sorry

  • Kurt held on for a few moments, then he loosened his grip. Duncan quickly took in big gulps of air, as if he had just gotten out of certain death.
  • He knew Kurt was different from him and that Kurt wasn't just another distinctive child Jonathan had found, but Duncan never expected Kurt to take him out so easily. After all, Duncan had spent a lot of time in the military.
  • Ian had finally arrived. He was staring at Duncan, his face as pale as a ghost. “Who are you? Tell me who you really are.”
  • He was hurt by the sudden betrayal, but even at this point, he was still clenching his fists and asking Duncan about his true identity. He wanted to know what the truth was.
  • That was how Sebastian's son should act. No matter what kind of situation he was in, he could grasp the most important aspect at the most crucial moment.
  • Duncan was pinned down, and he looked at Ian. Suddenly, he forced a sad, depressing smile. “I'm sorry, Ian. I lied to you.”
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