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Chapter 1542 Not Your Younger Brother

  • Vivian's eyes were red-rimmed as she walked out of the school while dragging her luggage behind her.
  • The security guard was surprised by the sight.
  • Even a pretty girl like her is crying? Looks like that kid, Kurt, is really a terrible person. Usually, when the girls in school went looking for him, they'd always end up crying because he ignored them. And now, the same thing is happening to a pretty girl like her?
  • He was a little furious.
  • Just as he was about to stand up for her, a teenager dressed in a blue hoodie rushed out. Seeing Vivian was about to leave the school compound, he rushed over and grabbed her hand.
  • “You... Let go of me!” Vivian was actually delighted to see him when she turned around.
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