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Chapter 154 Let Us Talk Things Through Sasha

  • Sasha took several moments to compose herself. She turned to address Sebastian through bloodshot eyes. “What have you done with my kids? You monster, return them to me.”
  • Her children were her life. Without them, life wasn't worth living. Even in her current state, all she cared about was their wellbeing.
  • Sebastian brought a chair next to her and sat down comfortably, propping his legs up on her bed.
  • “Sasha, let us establish some ground rules. First of all, the kids are mine as well as yours. Secondly, if I really intended for you not to meet them, you will never be able to, make no mistake.”
  • She settled down. Eyes remained fixed upon him with distaste and distrust, she nevertheless allowed him to continue.
  • Fear, hopelessness, and grief flashed in her eyes. In spite of herself, she was trembling, with tears flowing freely down her cheeks.
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