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Chapter 1516 Just A Deal

  • Yet, to Gabriella's surprise, Edmund responded, “Is there a problem? You're all relying on the Zander family's money, so what's wrong with her being the head of the household? It's already good that she's letting you enjoy your stay here.”
  • When the woman who was sitting numbly by the window heard that, her dull eyes lit up, and she straightened her back.
  • He's not holding me accountable for that? In fact, he agrees that they're the leech?
  • Meanwhile, Gabriella was livid after hearing Edmund's response.
  • “We're the one living off the Zander family's money? Are you not working? Edmund, are you even a man? You're one of the Coopers, so how can you shamelessly say such things?”
  • “Why should I be ashamed? I married her because of the Coopers, didn't I?” he nonchalantly stated.
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