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Chapter 1495 Getting Rid Of Kurt

  • Kurt had always been distant toward the others. Besides, it was unbelievable how scary of an aura that young boy possessed.
  • “I-I don't know, Kurt. What have I done wrong to displease you? I-I haven't looked for Vivian for anything at all recently. I've been staying p-put in Class Eighteen and minding my own b-business.” Elaine was so intimidated that she couldn't even explain herself without stuttering.
  • “If you really wish to stop being such a nuisance to her, maybe you should consider getting out of this school and go back to where you came from!” Kurt sneered cold-heartedly.
  • “Kurt, you...”
  • Before Elaine could even finish her sentence, Kurt warned with an expressionless face, “Elaine Walker, I'm warning you. If I see you hurting Vivian's feelings again, I'll never let you off the hook. If you don't have the decency to act like a human being, you might as well don't be one.” He then turned and left.
  • Elaine was stupefied as she stood there staring at Kurt's back as she watched him leave.
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