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Chapter 1487 I Am Back

  • It was already near the end of fall when Ichika finally returned to Avenport. “Darling, I'm back! I'm at the airport right now. Can you pick me up?”
  • The woman intentionally waited until she arrived in Avenport before calling Solomon to inform him of her return, for she wanted to surprise her husband.
  • After listening to Ichika over the phone, Solomon was stunned for a brief moment. “What? Why didn't you tell me you're coming home?”
  • “I want to surprise you. Aren't you happy to hear that I'm finally home? Come get me at the airport now. I have brought so many gifts for you!” exclaimed Ichika with excitement.
  • However, the other end of the call was silent for a few seconds before Solomon informed coldly, “I'm at a meeting right now. I'll have someone else pick you up.”
  • “Oh.” Upon hearing her husband's response, Ichika lost her excitement. I thought for sure he was going to hurry over to see me.
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