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Chapter 1479 Something Unheard Of

  • By the time Edmund got to that old man's villa, he could hear Riley screaming frantically from upstairs.
  • “No! Don't do this to me, Mr. Spencer. I'm only here to test the wine for you, nothing else. Stop please, or I'll call up the police.”
  • “Test the wine?” a disgusting voice asked.
  • “Ms. Cooper, who is willing to spend six million on you just for testing out the wine? Are you made of gold? Let me be honest with you, it's because you're a Cooper. If it was someone else, I wouldn't give her this price, even if the person is a virgin.”
  • Cackling hideously, he attempted to jump on poor Riley again, causing her to shriek in fear.
  • “No... No, it can't be! That's not what Ms. Malvich told me. Last time, she mentioned it's for wine tasting. She didn't... she didn't say anything else...”
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