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Chapter 1478 Is It Worth It

  • Edmund was still rooted to the spot when Sasha left. Everyone was occupied. Nobody paid extra attention to him, and neither did anyone notice when he walked out of the bar.
  • The next few days, Riley did not show up at the bar because something happened at the Coopers.
  • Her youngest sister was knocked up by a man. Consequently, she had to get hitched soonest possible.
  • “Riley, I can't marry into his family just like that. We should demand for a house and a car at the very least. Otherwise, it's downright humiliating for me. How am I supposed to stand up for myself in his family?”
  • “Yeah, she's right! Nothing lesser than that,” Gabriella chimed in.
  • Riley went ballistic and retorted her sister, “Is that all you care about? Do you think you have the cheek to make demands after having premarital sex and getting pregnant? The Coopers are now a laughing stock because of you. Yet, all that you can think of now is wanting a house and a flashy car?”
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