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Chapter 1469 Born Evil

  • After hearing that Solomon would be coming over to her school, Vivian, who had been anxious for the past few days, breathed a sigh of relief. That afternoon, she finally found her appetite to have lunch with Kurt.
  • “Is your Uncle Solomon really coming over? Does that mean he'll be able to solve the problem for you?” inquired Vivian's classmate, Elaine, when she heard about the news.
  • Chowing down on her drumstick, Vivian nodded in response to her classmate.
  • “Of course! There's nothing he can't do. As soon as he gets here, he'll take care of everything. You'll see,” promised Vivian with much confidence as she continued to make short work of her drumstick.
  • After that, Elaine sat down calmly beside the two, but there was a glimmer of nervousness in her eyes.
  • Even though Kurt did not say a word, he would glance at Elaine from time to time as they had their lunch.
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