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Chapter 1393 What Is Wrong With Ian

  • Both Devin and Sabrina had an enjoyable time in Ambrose's home that night.
  • Being a genuine person, Devin started chatting with Ambrose merrily after having a few drinks. They had a lot of common topics, as they were both working for the country. Sabrina remained beside her husband the entire time.
  • They chatted for so long until Ian started nodding off in exhaustion.
  • “Is the little boy sleepy? Should he get some shuteye in my room?” Leah offered graciously.
  • Sabrina glanced at her nephew, who immediately buried himself in her arms at Leah's words. Clearly, he had no intention of spending the night here.
  • She rejected the offer at once. “No need. We shall leave after Devin finishes this glass of wine.”
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