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Chapter 1333 A Curse

  • “You don't feel ashamed of yourself, do you? You're just like your brother and your sister! Ken killed my father, an old man in his seventies, right in front of my eyes! As for Hanako, she's worse! She's so sick she even wanted to cut off Sasha's face for herself. Just what is wrong with you Satos? Violence runs in your blood, and you don't even realize you're in the wrong.”
  • Solomon was incensed. He could not hold it in any longer. He glared at the woman who was clinging onto his leg and booted her with all his might, sending her flying away.
  • “Ah!”
  • Akiko cried out in pain.
  • The impact was so great she could not even get up.
  • No... That isn't true! I'm not like Ken and Hanako! Solomon would not have kept me by his side if I were the same as them!
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