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Chapter 1316 Even Her Seat Used To Belong To Sasha

  • “Stop messing around, Sabrina. Bring Ichika back. This is a company, not some playground.” Solomon finally spoke up.
  • He wasn't about to accept Ichika as his secretary, and after telling Sabrina off with a frown, he gestured for them to leave.
  • Sabrina's eyebrows immediately shot up to her hairline.
  • Is he insane? I've already gone to such lengths for him and yet he's not taking the chance! Is he actually planning on dying alone?
  • What about the Hayes family? That bunch of oldies has been getting more and more insistent. If Solomon doesn't get a girl soon, are Ian and I expected to just surrender our shares up without a word?
  • Sabrina was starting to get annoyed. “Okay, fine. If you won't take her, I'll arrange for it myself. I'm still a shareholder here. I have the right to hire people, don't I?”
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