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Chapter 1306 Do Not Make Me Do It Again

  • The staff replied, “I think it was firearms or ammunition, something of that sort. When Mr. Akiyama wanted us to stock up, I did reach out to the underground connections to purchase some. At that time, I heard of a man called Hiroya Kondo.”
  • “Firearms?” Karl's heart skipped a beat. He was really sensitive to that word.
  • Upon returning to the hospital, he reported to his boss all of the information gathered. Just as Karl had expected, Sebastian's face darkened the moment he heard about the illegal business Hiroya was involved in.
  • “Bring along a few more men and tell that Jetroinian to return everything he has taken from the Coopers. If he does so, I can treat it as if nothing happened. Otherwise, I don't mind sending him to hell.”
  • “Noted!” Karl accepted the task and went ahead to carry it out right away.
  • By then, it was already nightfall in the city.
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