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Chapter 1297 Everything That Could Happen Has Happened

  • “What?” Brandon's tone sank immediately upon hearing Sasha's words. “She went to look for you? Sasha, listen. Don't meddle yourself in this matter. I've told her we're nothing more than friends and for her to stop bothering me.”
  • “Nothing more than friends?”
  • Sasha was stumped.
  • Shifting her gaze to the depressed woman in the garden, she became anxious, “But Willow says you guys have—”
  • “Slept with each other?” Brandon snickered over the phone. “We're all adults, so we got drunk and did things as we wish. Don't tell me that we'll have to get stuck together because of that? We're in the 21st century, mind you! Please tell her to stop being so pedantic!”
  • Brandon's choice of words hinted at his annoyance. Sasha was stunned and didn't know how to react.
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