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Chapter 1289 Saving Daddy

  • “What's wrong? Did something bad really happen?”
  • “No, Ms. Dolivo. No worries, everything's fine. Ian and I will head out for a bit. Please take care of Vivi,” Matteo lifted his head and consoled Wendy.
  • Then, he held Ian's hand, and they both sneaked out together.
  • A few minutes later, they got out of the basement, and were greeted by a quiet Oceanic Estate. They ran upstairs to the third floor to look for Sebastian, with the intention to confirm if he was the mastermind behind the nationwide commotion.
  • They were surprised to find Sabrina and Sasha present on that floor too.
  • Sasha was standing at the entrance to the bedroom door whereas Sabrina was sitting outside, looking at the surroundings vigilantly.
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