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Chapter 1287 Who Switched Her Man

  • Sabrina stomped her feet in anger. Left with no other option, she contacted Devin.
  • Does he have time to answer my call? He's probably bogged down by work, trying to think of a solution.
  • “Yes, I know that. You all should remain indoors at Oceanic Estate, okay? We can't be with you right now, and Sebastian's condition isn't helping. Sabrina, you're now the only one who knows martial arts. You ought to protect every single one of them at home. Do you understand?”
  • Unexpectedly, Devin landed a crucial task on the shoulders of Sabrina.
  • Gasping in disbelief, she faltered. She knew she could not back down nor say anything discouraging at that moment.
  • “All right, I know what to do.”
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