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Chapter 1270 Moments Of Regret

  • “Sebastian, you need to calm down!”
  • In the nick of time, Devin rushed over and stopped Sebastian from trying anything rash because he knew it was an attempt of the woman to provoke Sebastian into killing her.
  • She knew she couldn't afford to be imprisoned by others. Therefore, she had to hit on the man's sore spot. In other words, it was Sasha's pregnancy.
  • Since this vicious woman's the one behind Sasha's pregnancy, she's the only one capable of reversing whatever's done!
  • Devin tried to stop irrational Sebastian from going berserk, but he was too late.
  • Once Felicity figured out Devin had seen through her plan, she reached for the watch on her wrist and ignite the portable device of hers.
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