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Chapter 1269 Send My Regards To Your Wife

  • “What do you mean? What does this have to do with the Durant family? Stop making things up!”
  • Sebastian asked in a callous tone, “Are you sure you're not aware of the things I'm talking about as the sole successor of the Durant family, Felicity?”
  • In order to stop the woman from going berserk, he started emanating an intimidating presence to keep her in check.
  • Silence fell once again as the rest in the office, including Grayson, wondered if they had been hearing things when Sebastian repeated himself for another time.
  • Hasn't the woman by the name of Felicity from the Durant family passed on two decades ago?
  • She was Alfred's girlfriend! She paid me a visit when she was pregnant! However, she disappeared into thin air out of the blue! When Janice found her, she told the rest Felicity was dead!
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