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Chapter 1264 Salute To The Boys

  • Matteo's expertise in the field was as impressive as Ian's. Soon, he accessed the dark web as well with his own laptop. Miraculously, both laptops accessing it simultaneously had the same domain name displayed.
  • At the moment, both Ian and Matteo's eyes were glued to the screens of their laptops.
  • As expected, someone fell into Ian's trap of the attractive bounty and started getting in touch with them by sending them a message.
  • “Matt, try to trace his IP address!” Ian instructed Matteo to trace the person's exact location while he figured out how to reply to the message.
  • Anonymous: Hi, nice to hear from you. Are you looking for someone inventing nuclear weapons?
  • The person who texted them sounded like a veteran in the field. Stifling the simmering excitement within himself, Ian only replied to his message after pondering for quite a while.
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