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Chapter 1203 Heavy Snow

  • Their next target must be him! Given that Old Mr. Jadeson is already old, he would not be considered the biggest threat among the Jadesons anymore. Even if Devin's around, he wouldn't be seen as a greater threat than Sebastian.
  • However, Sebastian did not answer Karl's question straightforwardly.
  • “Since no one has revealed the secret for so many years, it should have been buried forever. What do you think is the reason that it came to light all of a sudden?” With bloodshot eyes, Sebastian sneered.
  • Karl was rendered speechless, for the question was too difficult for him to answer.
  • Worried about Sebastian, he replied in the end, “Has he been keeping an eye on the Jadesons for a long time?”
  • “It's impossible. I would've believed that if this had happened before I destroyed the Ten Medals. No sensible men would dare lay a finger on the Jadesons after what I've done.”
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