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Chapter 1200 Let Yariel Be My Secretary

  • Jonathan was even more cunning than him. With decades of experience in politics, he knew how to interact with these people despite his straightforward personality.
  • “You're too courteous. I have to thank my granddaughter-in-law for treating my stroke. I could only walk because she gave me acupuncture every day. Thank you for your concern!”
  • “You're very welcome! You've done our country a huge favor, so it's only right that I visit you,” replied Silas politely.
  • After some small talk, everyone sat at the dining table. This dinner, which was initially meant to include only the Jadesons, ended up being spent with other people.
  • As the kids wanted to set off fireworks after dinner, everyone left the dining room and went to the observation tower.
  • Boom!
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