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Chapter 1187 A Spoiled Man

  • Sebastian answered, “Scalpels are razor thin, so they only leave small injuries. Since it's used in surgeries, it's different from your regular knives. Look at the end of the cut. It obviously arches outward, so it has a circular blade. It's the same kind of scalpel doctors use to remove skin and muscles.”
  • Devin could not believe what he was hearing. He stood beside the bodies, his mouth forming a comical 'O.'
  • Since he used to be a commander of the special forces, he knew a lot of stuff most people didn't. However, now he knew Sebastian was leagues ahead of him, and that reality was hard to accept.
  • We're both from the same family. Did God bless him with two thousand IQ instead of the usual one? Man, he's in a league of his own.
  • “You there? Talk to me.”
  • Devin snapped out of it. What Sebastian told him to remind him of a certain someone, so he asked, “Oh, right, okay. So are you saying the one who tried to save them has a scalpel? Are you trying to say Janice was the one who tried to bust them out?”
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