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Chapter 1183 Illegitimate Child

  • Sabrina was shocked that Isaac would tell her about the situation he was in.
  • Shouldn't he be more on guard around me? I've tricked him once back in the forest. If it weren't for me acting as the bait, he wouldn't have gone this far.
  • She knew Sebastian would come for her, so she told Isaac confidently, “Don't worry about it. My search party's going to take me away without a hitch.”
  • But to her surprise, the moment she said that, Isaac sneered.
  • “Don't count on it. Do you know how the sniper got him back at Bellridge? Because it's nuclear wave bullets. It is the latest tech made by illegal firearm dealers. And this place has a ton of that stuff around it.”
  • A solemn silence fell upon the garage. Devin was already geared up and was about to sneak in, disarm the bomb, and save Sabrina. But when he heard what Isaac just said, he stopped himself.
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