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Chapter 1147 The Almighty Mrs Jadeson

  • “Sasha, just allow Sebastian to deal with Sasha and get yourself ready for the banquet tomorrow. You're going to join Sebastian for the celebration of the newly appointed cabinet, aren't you?”
  • “H-Huh?”
  • The things Jonathan brought up had successfully diverted Sasha's attention since she wasn't made aware of her upcoming agenda with Sebastian beforehand.
  • She was nervous since she had never attended a banquet with the ones leading the nation as guests of the banquet.
  • It's nothing if we're talking about a banquet for the members of the upper echelon! As nasty as the guests might be, they're merely a piece of cake as compared to politicians!
  • Sasha stammered in return, “I-Is it necessary for me to show up? I-Isn't this too much?”
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