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Chapter 1132 Bad Guys

  • “I have to tell you this, Mrs. Jadeson. This kind of traditional one-piece dress—baniere—is from Jazona. My hometown, Saspiuburg, especially, has a century-long history with baniere,” Dorthea rambled on as she took off her mink coat with faked casualness.
  • Sasha quietly watched her.
  • “Wow, Mrs. Oveson, you're wearing baniere as well? Where did you buy this? It's so pretty!”
  • “Hear, hear. Mrs. Oveson, the baniere you have on must be an haute couture baniere, right?”
  • Dramatic gasps and praises rang out in the room. Before Sasha could say anything, the other women had begun showering her with praises.
  • There are haute couture banieres?
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