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Chapter 1121 The Game Is Afoot

  • Much to Sebastian's surprise, the new president openly said those words to him in front of everyone else.
  • The entire hall fell silent.
  • Benedict, who was seated behind Sebastian, watched on with a stunned expression.
  • What in the world? Isn't this ridiculous? Aside from the fact that there is no such precedent within the White House, Yariel doesn't have any military experience at all. So how can he have a position in the House? Isn't this pushing it too far?
  • Many among those present were both shocked and furious, primarily because they too coveted the position.
  • “Sir, have you truly given this decision due consideration? Given that Old Mr. Jadeson's grandson has never been in the army before, how is he fit to assume that position? After all, this relates to the nation's military matters!”
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