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Chapter 1107 Edmund

  • On the other hand, the doctor looked astounded by the sudden shift in Edmund's mood.
  • “No worries, it is fortunate that you brought her here on time. She will be fine after some medication and a good rest in the hospital tonight,” the doctor said to reassure Edmund. At the same time, he began to record Sabrina's name into the hospital registry.
  • Hence, Sabrina was forced to stay the night in the hospital.
  • After a woman gave birth, a lack of rest would cause her to suffer a uterine prolapse. If the woman did not receive appropriate medical treatment, it would become fatal.
  • After Oceanic Estate received news of Sabrina's condition, its residents were worried and anxious.
  • The moment Sasha caught wind of the news, she took the lift down and ran toward Jonathan's room to ask Sebastian. “Sebastian, who on earth is Edmund? Do you know him? How did he manage to locate Sab? Most importantly, can we trust him?”
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