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Chapter 1076 Wifey

  • “Do you know how to cook?” Sabrina was surprised.
  • “Oh yes. It's not that difficult.” Sabrina cast another gaze at Devin. She never expected him to be an all-rounder who had good culinary skills.
  • Most of her male acquaintances were either born with a silver spoon or came from a high and lofty family. These guys lived a worry-free life, and they had been pampered since young in every way possible. Her brother, Sebastian, was a typical example of such men.
  • To her disbelief, she discovered that the rightful heir of the Jadesons, Jonathan's eldest grandson actually knew how to cook!
  • Intrigued, she agreed to have lunch with him. Thus, Devin left the hospital to do grocery shopping.
  • Shortly after, a man in black wearing sunglasses appeared to guard the entrance to Sabrina's room.
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